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ACGSR is a 501(c)(3)Tax Exempt Org
Prince George

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ACGSR, Inc. is a foster-home based animal rescue, located in Hollister, California.

Our primary function is to assist our local shelters in rescuing animals that would otherwise be euthanized due to lack of space or special-needs veterinary care.

Our pets are cared for in loving foster home environments making them more adoptable.

We advocate the spaying and neutering of all pets, and try to educate those who do not understand the implications of not altering their pets. We also encourage the public to participate in our spay/neuter program for feral cats, thus saving the lives of these often unwanted cats and kittens.

ACGSR, Inc. is a strong and vigilant advocate in the rights for all animals. We believe that by working with other rescue organizations, we can save lives by retrieving more animals from surrounding shelters.
A C G R S     A N I M A L S
Recent Photos from Adoptive/Foster Homes
(1 of 25) Camile and Clarice on 2016-07-23

Our thanks to the Moshin family of San Jose for adopting Camille and Clarissa, the beautiful Leopard Geckos

We have made one young lady very happy.

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Camile and Clarice ~ Juliette ~ Luna ~ Ricky and Lucy ~ 
Bowie ~ Hunter ~ Rocco ~ Lady G ~ 
TLC ~ Tawny ~ Jack ~ James ~ 
Teddy Bear ~ Pierre ~ Lucy ~ Desmo ~ 
Coco ~ Bogey ~ Cody ~ Tony ~ 
Bonnie ~ Dewey ~ Joey ~ Jasper ~ 
Photos of all adopted animals can be seen on
either the Happy Tails - Felines All, or
the Happy Tails - Canines All page

We are in need of new foster homes!

Please call us NOW at (831) 801-8341, and
you will be part of a huge contribution
to saving the lives of shelter animals.

Thank you for caring.


Do you have a heart ❤ for rescued animals and want to help, yet cannot foster for a duration? We are very much in need of temporary relief foster homes. This can be anywhere from overnight, 2 days or a 2 week period.

Please email us: Michele: or Dawn:

We thank you for having a ❤ for our rescue.
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I 5 Kitten: Simba
I 5 Kitten: Mimi
I 5 Kitten: Misty
Click on Photo for More Info
Z, Ben
For more detail on them, and more animals,
go to either the Felines and Pocket Pets or Canines page.
Adoption fees include the following:
Veterinary care: spay/neuter, all vaccinations,
de-worming, heartworm testing, microchipping,
pre-anesthesia blood panel, grooming and
full Vet examination, flea medication

Other services if needed, teeth cleaning and/or extractions, anal sacs
For felines, Felv/Fiv testing
The fees for 2016 are
Canine Adoption $275.00
Feline Adoption $135.00
For further information please contact us
via telephone (see below), email, or
by mail (see below).
We thank you for your interest!